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Three words that describe this clinic in relation to clients. We are sure that a pleasant environment in which a person is located can have a positive effect on his emotional state. Professional science-based psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance provided by highly qualified psychologists and psychotherapy specialists.

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Wisdom. Attention. Care
Our task
The task of our center is to provide psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling services aimed at psychological recovery and based on a scientific approach.
Our goal is to provide high-quality care and support to people suffering from insomnia, anxiety disorders and other psycho-emotional problems.
We also provide emotional support to women during pregnancy and the postpartum period
We try to give our clients the opportunity to free up their internal resources and help them achieve individual goals in a safe environment.


psychologist, CBT, psychologist for adults, children, teenagers, art therapist
Group classes
psychoemotional support for pregnant women, yoga, dance and movement therapy, mindfulness, art therapy
insomnia treatment, psychoemotional support for pregnant women, anxiety treatment
Individual yoga class
psychological research
Exposure therapy
using virtual reality glasses


CBT is a short-term, structured, science-based psychotherapy method, in the treatment of depression, autonomic dystonia, panic attacks, hyper-anxiety, etc disorders. CBT helps to understand the connection between thoughts, emotions, body sensations and behavior.


It may be difficult for you right now and you feel that you are not ready to cope with the problem yourself, we are ready to lend you a helping hand and support you. Together we will find a way out of a difficult situation for you.


This program implies a non-drug approach

The program consists of elements of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, the use of virtual reality glasses and training in various self-help techniques

There is no such specialized program in Latvia, which includes a psychiatrist and a psychologist
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Program for the treatment of (Insomnia)

Art therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses creative processes such as painting to help you express your feelings, thoughts and needs. With the help of art therapy, it is possible to better recognize your emotions, resources, get to know your "inner me" and face emotional experiences in a gentle way.

Art therapy

In yoga classes, it is possible to get rid of accumulated stress, learn to feel and recognize your emotions through inner experience, not to react so sharply to emotional triggers, as well as to regain the joy of everyday life. Yoga practice is suitable for people experiencing increased stress, sleep disorders, pain/discomfort in the body, chronic fatigue and difficulty concentrating.


Psychological research (psychodiagnosis) is carried out on the client's own initiative or with a referral from a specialist (neurologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, etc.) or an institution. A psychologist's opinion is requested in connection with the pedagogic-medical commission, for organizing the disability group, exemptions from exams, etc. We conduct research for both adults and children, in Latvian and Russian.

Psychological research

Sand play therapy is suitable for clients of all ages to express their thoughts and emotions without words. It involves the use of miniature figures, toys and natural materials to represent inner experiences. It is useful for those who have experienced emotional difficulties or trauma, and can reduce stress and tension.

Sand therapy

As one of its missions, Grandver sees providing early support to new families. Our specialists have mastered and adapted a US-developed program "Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting" for the Latvian context. Within this program, prospective parents will learn stress reduction and relaxation techniques, as well as coping with childbirth pains and fears associated with them.

Support for Expectant/
New Parents

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Innovative technologies

Thanks to innovations, we will help you achieve results much faster.

Breathing apparatus
The moonbird is essentially
a breathing coach, it is a device that helps to harmonize the rhythm of breathing and relax.
Virtual reality therapy enables clients to undergo exposure therapy.
Virtual Reality Glasses



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